UTS- United Testing Services is a leading non-governmental independent third party professional testing organization, with many areas of technical services and excellent service ability. Our services include consumer products, electronic appliances, toys, textiles, metal materials, polymer materials, reliability, wood products, chemicals, car parts, environment and occupation health and other technical services. There are nearly 20 branches in the country, led by the agencies laboratory, each one has business elite team, with the global configuration analysis equipment advanced, to meet the requirements of the latest technology.

UTS has experienced Dr., and master of high-end talent, more than 90% staff are bachelor degree or above. Our laboratory is in accordance with the ISO/IEC17025 international standard, strictly carries on the management and operation. All testing are based on ISO/IEC/EN/DIN/JIS/ASTM/EPA/FDA international standards and national standards, our reports are recognized, with strong credibility.

As a rapidly growing and increasingly influential third party testing organization in China, our service, will enhance the credibility of the product, reduce the risk of bilateral trade, and improve trade efficiency; In addition, our services can help you easily deal with all kinds of research and development, engineering, quality, etc. We would like to be your angel on the road to success, the quality of field partners.

Joint quality, lead the future

Better quality, better life.

Justice, honesty, science, innovation, team leadership, Ensure that customers, employees, shareholders, the public, business and government to obey the highest standard of morality, and require all employees to comply with business related laws and regulations, responsibility, and obey the letter and spirit of the law and the company.