Environment / health / health
Environmental quality routine test Enterprise sewage declaration detection Enterprise pollution source inspection Environmental impact assessment and environmental monitoring
Environmental protection acceptance monitoring Workplace hazardous substances detection Listed companies environmental verification testing Identification and detection of hazardous waste
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) detection Enterprise environmental management system (ISO14000) certification testing Site investigation, environmental remediation project supervision and acceptance monitoring
Vehicles and parts

ELV detection

VOC detection odor detection Formaldehyde detection
Atomization detection Automotive trim detection Automobile coating inspection Automotive rearview mirror test
Seat belt test Automobile lighting device detection Harness wire, cable and connector Safety performance test of automobile seat
Consumer products

Metal and polymer materials

Environment and reliability test Failure analysis and solution Flame retardant and fire
Consumer products

Electrical and electronic products

Textiles / clothing / Footwear Toys / stationery / gifts / accessories Food contact material
Light industry and general merchandise    
Measurement and calibration

Measurement and calibration

Precise dimension measurement

reverse engineering  
Comprehensive quality service

Supply chain service

Outsourcing / solutions Consulting and consulting